I know what you guys think. “Damn, I miss the old school R&B, but I want some new flavor on it. I’d love for an old-school kickback feel with a voice I’ve never heard.” Look no further than the young queen, ZLynn Harris. Y’all… I can’t stress how dope she is. Working on her EP now, she has songs out that straight up are better than the originals. Go to her Soundcloud and listen to “Aaliyah Mashup”. (Produced by her own sister, nisegotbeatz, who will hopefully be covered in a future Intake). You will go to “Are You That Somebody?” by Aaliyah and you won’t be able to listen to it the same because ZLynn is that good! Her vocals are legendary, and her voice is effortlessly balanced. It is equal parts strength but still has this wispiness to it that makes it so relaxing to listen to. This is music that needs to be put on in the coming summer. She will be your summer artist that you will associate certain times with. You’ll think fondly of her because even if times got rough, ZLynn’s voice soothed you. And if times were great, they’ll feel even better with a modern R&B soundtrack backing it. Check her out on her Soundcloud and wait for her EP to drop! Believe me, she’s going to be an artist that you’ll want locked into your playlist rotation!