About Us

Musiq Therapy Magazine is the nation’s leading voice for both music and mental health. Our goal is to connect the two worlds, providing you with music that helps you express yourself and providing artists with a voice beyond the music.

It was established by Sekou Norris, a music journalist who has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and both a love of and ear for music.


Letter From The Editor!

Whenever I sit down to write about music and mental health I do so with the reader in mind. As a matter of fact, I created this magazine with you, the reader, in mind. Whenever I publish or approve an article, I do so with the understanding that the words written or approved will affect the reader in some way. Whether that means they will pick up or download music reviewed, change their mind about an artist based on our personal session or develop new habits based on our mental health information, I am honored to be able to lend my contribution in this way.

As you come into this world where you are accepted and understood while bobbing your head to some great music, take note of our Influencers section where we pay homage to the musical greats who blazed a trail for some of the young greats. After that, don’t forget to take a look at our Reviews section where we review artists and music from the past and the present. Our Intake session is the first stop any new artist makes when stopping by music therapy. Oftentimes, this is the first stop for unsigned artists because we believe artists are artists from the moment they start creating and not just when they get signed or have a million social media followers. The next two are two of my favorite sections of the magazine and website, Sessions and Mental Health. Sessions is where you get to know artists on a much more personal level to understand who they are and how they are beyond the music. Lastly, Mental Health is my opportunity to give you a way to go beyond the music with articles on everything from ugly competition to redefining vulnerability.

For as long as I can remember, music has been my first love and I have always been intrigued by the power of the mind. Music is the ultimate mood booster, global connector and universal language and very powerful, artistic minds are responsible for creating it. Not only that, there is evidence to prove the powerful effects that music has on the brain. So, as a lover of both music and psychology, naturally I would find a way to merge the two and Musiq Therapy Magazine was born! Hope anyone who reads, contributes or is in the magazine enjoys their time in our world.

MT, I’m out!