Tribute songs are made constantly. They are great ways for musicians to honor the ones that paved the way for them. So many rappers have paid homage to their influences that came before them, but plenty of the rappers being paid homage to are typically dead. Something that is fairly recent is rappers giving their influences the flowers while they can still smell them. After all, why not? Let the people that you love know you love them. Let your inspirations know that they inspire you! This brings me to Joyner Lucas.

Joyner Lucas is a C O L D rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts. One of is best attributes is his storytelling ability (check out “Keep It 100” and “Winter Blues” for examples), but we’re here to discuss his song “Will”. His first iteration was really cool, as the video had periods of life from his idol, Will Smith. He was showing how we need to give our idols their flowers while they can still smell them, and it was really dope. Then, the remix happened…

Will Smith still has BARS! He has not lost them. Where Joyner’s track had references to Will’s life and how he was feeling like Will, Will comes in talking about how he has grown over the years. He talks about how he’s been cold since Benny & Jerry and how we forgot how he gets busy. I did forget, and I apologize for forgetting. Will goes on about how he wouldn’t be himself if it wasn’t for his grandma, and talks about his idols in Dr. J and Muhammad Ali. He also talks about how he is still flawed and has mistakes as well. These bars are fantastic, but Will’s greatest attribute through his bars is his humility.

Will talking about himself is pretty cool, but he shines when talking about others. Seriously, Will is all about giving the flowers out. He shouts out his idols, as mentioned before, he gives a RIP to James Avery that makes you tear up, he gives Martin Lawrence a rose, and he shouts out Joyner Lucas as well. This is the mark of a fantastic person. Will not only shouts out his idols and peers, but he also gives the man he influenced his flowers, as well as his (Joyner’s) kid! Will Smith made a tribute song about him an opportunity to pay tribute to everyone in his life, as well as the one he influenced. Beautiful. This song is an easy 5/5. The positivity, the flowers given, and the BARS that Will gave us made this easy. MT Out!


Photo Creds: Illustrator Unknown