The Weeknd and Mac Miller were ROBBED!! Two of the best albums to come out this year and not a SINGLE Grammy nomination!!! That is some BS!!!! With that our of the way, let’s talk the Grammys.

The Grammys are the Super Bowl for music awards shows. That is the reason so many people care so much about the Grammys. It’s just like the Super Bowl or a championship game. You think, “My team (favorite artist) finally got the trophy!” Now, we as Black people need to treat our own awards shows with such prestige, but that is a conversation for a different time.

Today I am going to discuss the Grammy predictions and what I hope wins! Quick points before we get started: I won’t be covering every category, and I haven’t heard all of the albums so I’m coming in with bias. Here are the categories that will be covered: Record, Song, Album, Rap Song, and Rap Album. One last thing: this probably won’t be the most fleshed out of my pieces due to the nature of it, it will most likely be “Prediction and Reason/What I Want and Reason”.

With the preamble out of the way, let’s get into predictions!


Record of the Year

  • Black Parade” – Beyonce
  • “Colors” – Black Pumas
  • “Rockstar” – DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch
  • “Say So” – Doja Cat
  • “Everything I Wanted” – Billie Eilish
  • Don’t Start Now” – Dua Lipa
  • “Circles” – Post Malone
  • “Savage” – Meghan Thee Stallion ft. Beyonce


What I Want and Why: “Don’t Start Now” because Future Nostalgia was one of the best pop albums of the year and this song is exemplary of a huge pop record

What I Expect and Why: “Savage” or “Say So” because of how huge they were, leaning towards “Savage” because of the tumultuous year Meghan had.


Song of the Year

  • “Black Parade” – Beyonce
  • “The Box” – Roddy Ricch
  • “Cardigan” – Taylor Swift
  • “Circles” – Post Malone
  • “Don’t Start Now” – Dua Lipa
  • “Everything I Wanted” – Billie Eilish
  • “I Can’t Breathe” – H.E.R.
  • “If the World Was Ending” – JP Saxe ft.

What I Want and Why: “The Box” because Roddy Ricch made a certified BANGER, got it to #1 over Justin Bieber, and had a fantastic album to boot. The man deserves it!

What I Expect and Why: “Cardigan” because it is a good song and this seems to be Taylor’s year to sweep the Grammys.


Album of the Year

  • Chilombo – Jhene Aiko
  • Black Pumas (Deluxe Edition) – Black Pumas
  • Everyday Life – Coldplay
  • DJesse Vol. 3 – Jacob Collier
  • Women in Music Pt. III – HAIM
  • Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa
  • Hollywood’s Bleeding – Post Malone
  • Folklore – Taylor Swift

What I Want and Why: Future Nostalgia because it is a perfect pop album with songs that match the title of the album. We will be listening to “Don’t Start Now” and “Levitating” for a long, long time.

What I Expect and Why: Folklore because Christ it is so damn good, and like I said earlier, Taylor is going to sweep this year like Billie last year.


Let’s get to some RAP!

Rap Song of the Year

  • The Box” – Roddy Ricch
  • “The Bigger Picture” – Lil Baby
  • “Laugh Now, Cry Later – Drake ft. Lil Durk
  • “Rockstar” – DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch
  • “Savage” – Meghan Thee Stallion ft. Beyonce

What I Want and Why: “The Bigger Picture” because… come on now! A trap artist made one of the best songs about racial tension in America that we have ever heard and the man proved himself to be more than a “insert transitional artist here” type with a phenomenal album in My Turn (which also wasn’t nominated… we’re going to be pouring into the NAACP Image Awards, brothers and sisters!). For more information on why I think this should win, check out this right here:

What I Expect and Why: “Savage” if “Say So” wins Record, just off the strength of Meghan’s year; or “The Bigger Picture” because awards shows have been giving us (Black people) all the awards as some kind of apology, so it would make sense for them to give the award to the song that actually addresses the tension.


Rap Album of the Year

  • Black Habits – D Smoke
  • Alfredo – Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist
  • A Written Testimony – Jay Electronica
  • King’s Disease – Nas
  • The Allegory – Royce Da 5’9

What I Want and Why: Alfredo because y’all have seen my review of it. It is a perfect album, one of the best albums of the entire year, and it would be fantastic to see Gangsta Gibbs win a Grammy.

What I Expect and Why: King’s Disease because they would be trying to rectify the fact that Nas has never gotten a Grammy.


Hope you all enjoyed this predictions list! Happy Black Friday and be safe!


MT Out!!

Photo; Creator: Don Emmert

Photo Creds: AFP/Getty Images

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